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    Wednesday, August 25, 2010

    Kolo Mee & Cha

    After picking the trio from the Kuching airport, William brought us to this Kolo Mee stall for lunch. He ordered 4 different types of noodles for us to try..............

    I like this thick bee hoon soup, immersed with some Chinese wine & topped with egg, some Chinese preserved vegetables, pork & liver
    On your left is the pork liver soup......and dark soya sauce noodle
    The popular Konlo Mee & Char Siew Noodle
    My favourite of the day - Kwong Ping (A Foochow tea snacks)
    3 tier Tea Si & kopi......simply divine!

    This is the absolute staple for the noodle enthusiast in Kuching! The oldest & most traditional of selections for eating out, Kolo Mee is made of egg noodles (fresh boiled) and served in a bowl of fragrant pork oil, garlic, shallots, minced pork & slices of BBQ pork (Char Siew). It is often served with clear soup & a side compliment of freshly cut chillies soaked in vinegar or light sauce.
    You can have the noodles with wontan or go funky with Kolo Mee in red pork sauce, black vinegar, chilli sauce or even black soy sauce. The original Kolo Mee is the yellow round noodles. Thick bee hoon, flat noodles, kueh tiao, curly noodles - they all taste FABULOUS!!!!

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