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    Friday, August 27, 2010

    Kuching Sarawak Laksa

    This is the popular Sarawak Laksa.....laksas everywhere in M'sia but none as distinctive as Kuching's Sarawak Laksa. This is one of Kuching's signature dishes. Rice vermicelli in a spicy prawn broth from the secret recipes of olden day kitchens can be magical to the palate.

    Laksa is served in a bowl with egg, prawn, chicken & a dash of coriander for colour. A side dish of lime and belachan is often served with it. Squeeze the lime into the belachan and mix it in....its definitely sure to add a ZING!

    Popiah on the right..........yums, great with Laksa

    Kuching laksa is very different from our Singapore laksa....my verdict: it tasted more like curry mee, with lesser santan. Instead of the usual chilli paste, sambal belachan was added. Ingredients not included are cockles, tau pok, laksa leaves.

    A must try if you are in Kuching......I was told that Madam Tang serves the best Kuching Laksa?

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