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    Sunday, August 29, 2010

    Tea Time Everyone! The Makan journey continues in 7th Mile, Kuching!

    As the saying says....the makan never stops here.....its tea time in Kuching and we headed to 7th Mile for the sumptous Berbuka Puasa Bazaar.....

    Hari Raya Puasa is just around the corner....the air was filled with aromatic nasi bryani, kebabs, homemade varieties of kuehs, padang dishes, ikan bakar....you name it....suma adah!!!!

    You'll never go hungry here in Kuching......mari lets see the yummy delights.....The best time is NOW....

    Tentage with lots of BBQ meat......here is ayam bakar (BBQ Chicken)

    Ikan Bakar (BBQ Fish), sedap with sambal concoction of shallots, lime, sugar, chilli padi, black sauce

    Sting Ray in Banana Leaves, sambals aplenty!!!

    Glutinous Rice Kueh & Crunchy Peanut Pancakes!

    Here is Roti Chanai & Kebab

    Fermented Glutinous Rice Kuehs & Rendangs......

    Nasi Ayam & Fried Keropok (I like this chewy fish cake)

    Yu Char Kway & Colourful Ice Drinks

    Curry Puffs, Kueh Kelapa & more kuehs

    Kueh Keria, Salat, Apom and never ending kuehs galores!!!

    I like the Kueh Kelapa (Coconut cake, topped with dessicated coconut, chewy in the middle and tasted machamp coconut pie)

    This is the best local tea I had.....sampling some ice cold drinks with side orders while in Kuching...The Bazzar sells delicious ice kachang, chendol, ABC Special, white lady, matterhorn and the list goes on....one thing common about this is they are thirst quenchers, sweet as well as creamy. Special durian iced is also available during the durian fruit season.
    As compared to Geyland Serai.....nothing beats this nostalgic, Hari Raya festive mood, the many array of yummy Malaysian delights, the bakar of fish to ayam, kuehs, curries to drinks.....I love this festive Bazaar, kampong style!

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