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    Saturday, September 11, 2010

    Onn Cake House.......Special Thanks to William & Family, Shan

    Being a typical Teochew, I love eating these local "pia" (biscuits)
    Freshly baked Rice Cookies, Old Wives Biscuit, Winter Melon Biscuits & many more.....
    Before I headed back to Singapore, I reminded William that I would like to buy some Teochew pia home.....William brought us to Onn Cakehouse and I was delighted to see all my favourite local biscuits here....

    I enjoy this pia for tea......these pia will literally melts in your mouth.........toast them in the toaster for 10 mins and a cup of Chinese tea to go along with it!

    This page is specially dedicated to William, Shan and his family.........Thanks for the warm hospitality and showing us Fascinating Kuching.....I will never forget the wonderful places like:  Sarawak Cultural Village, Semenggoh Wildlife Centre, Satok Market, The Waterfront, Chinese History Museum, Food Bazaar, The Beautiful Kalimantan Borders.

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