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    Saturday, January 15, 2011

    15th Wedding Anniversary Dinner.....

    Appetizer - Fried Garoupa with Light Lemon Grass Sauce, acoompanied with Rocket Salad

    Main Course - Roast Rack of Lamb on Risotto Rice with Red Wine Sauce 

    Dessert - Baked Fruit Spring Roll (Banana, Mango & Choco Chips), accompanied with a scoop of Lemon Sorbet

    Hubby Mike cooked a sumptous 3 course dinner on our 15th wedding anniversary.............

    The meaning of 15th Wedding Anniversary? - Crystal

    On the 15th anniversary, tin as the symbolic material of this milestone represents preservation and longevity. Crystal as the modern approach would signify a lot of meaning depending on the color tint. Clear crystal denotes insight and magic with one another.


    Anniversary symbols vary worldwide. In some cultures, your 15th wedding anniversary, for example, is called a 'glass' wedding. Time to blow your savings on a conservatory? A greenhouse? Designer his 'n' hers specs? Combine the traditions by toasting each other with champagne in new crystal glasses.
    I would like to thank Mike and my wonderful children for the memorable celebration @ home ;)
    The Bakerwoman adores Sunflowers.......

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