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    Sunday, January 09, 2011

    Devil or Debal Curry (Kari Turkey Devil)

    Debal or devil curry, as this dish is more popularly known, refers to a very hot curry.....its also known as a popular Eurasian style curry.

    By the way, it is never called Devil Curry, just Devil or Debal to the Malacca-Portuguest Eurasian purists.  And, simply, it is Devil because it is "hot as hell" to the taste.

    This was my after Xmas aftermath......the turkey carcass was not put into waste.....

    Here are some of Devil lore for my readers:
    • Devil is best eaten the day after cooking, when the ingredients have soaked well into the potatoes & chicken/meat
    • Devil is excellent with rice, and for me - its best eaten with roti "prancheese" (Baguette)
    • In many Eurasian kitchen, the Xmas Devil has an added ingredients.....some add in archar (pickles)

    Ingredients to be blended for the rempah
    Cooked Turkey bones & bacon+bones
    On the left, rempah was tumis (to fry the pounded ingredients till fragrance) and meat was added to it. 

    I transferred the rest of the ingredients to the slow cooker.....I prefer using the slow cooker as the meat is much tender and the cabbage was well soaked into the gravy

    Fiery hot hot devil curry!
    Crispy garlic bread to go with my curry devil!

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