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    Sunday, January 30, 2011

    Flower Crab in Spicy Taucheo Sauce

    Flower Crabs - cooked in spicy taucheo sauce( ginger, garlic, sliced chilli & taucheo paste)
    This is another of my favourite dinner dishes......Flower Crabs in Taocheo sauce.....a very typical Teochew recipe loved by all.

    I prefer eating flower crabs because the meat is juicier and its shell is much softer.  The flower crab ― smaller than its cousin, the king ― draws fans because of the quality of its meat, despite the fact that it requires dedicated cracking, picking and sucking to ease every little morsel out.

    The feast begins. Tongs are used to bring whole halves, legs and upper shells onto one’s plate. Lips tingle from licking the sauce off the shell of the crab, from popping snowy white flakes ― silken, near melting and coated in spices ― into one’s mouth.

    Soon, the metal pot begins to fill up with bits of shell, evidence of the feast, as the plate rapidly empties......

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