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    Sunday, February 27, 2011

    Pu Tien Restaurant @ Nex

    Cold JellyFish Head

    Shredded BaiYe Toufu

    Fried Rice Cake

    Deep Fried Duck with Sliced Yam

    Nex Shopping Mall is the new shopping mall in the suburbs of Serangoon Central.  Restaurants in Nex are plentiful.  There are The Ship, Food Republic, Swenson's, Prata Place, Texas Chicken, Praradise Inn, Din Tai Fung etc.....I had dinner in PuTien, Xin Hua cuisine.

    I've tried the Pu Tien outlet in Kitchener Road and enjoyed the Fried Hing Wa Beehoon, which is fried with mushroom, taupok, clams, prawns, pork belly, peanuts and vegetables, and topped with deep-fried seaweed. 

    For dinner in Nex, we tried the Fried Rice Cake, cooked ala Hing Wa style.  We enjoyed all the delicious Fu Jian dishes and recommended for value-for-money restaurant suitable for family lunches and dinners, offering a simple yet scrumptious fare from this lesser-known dialect group.

    Carpark is a nightmare in Nex Shopping Centre!!!

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