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    Sunday, March 13, 2011

    Breakfast in Ghim Moh Market

    Traditional Vegetarian Beehoon
    I had been craving to eat Vegetarian Bee Hoon for the past few days.....I hate the food court version as they add curry gravy and other non traditional mock ingredients to the bee hoon.

    A good plate of vegetarian bee hoon is one where there is not an overwhelming amount of gravy added to it, because it would make the bee hoon soggy. The fried vegetarian duck & char siew should be slightly burnt to give out a nice aroma and the cabbage should not be overcooked, displaying a crisp light green colour.....
    Fried Mee Sua
    Whilst eating the vegetarian noodle, I saw an interesting dish......Fried Mee Sua, fried in Char Kway Teow style......the chilli was damn shiok to go with it!!!!

    A satisfying breakfast with my usual kopi O.......

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