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    Sunday, April 10, 2011

    From La Sagrada Familia to Princesa 23 Restaurant, Barcelona

    It is a must for every visitor to visit La Sagrada Familia if they are visiting Barcelona!  The first achitect for the church was Francesc de Paula del Villar & he started the construction in 1882.  Gaudi was given the job in 1883 & he continued to work on the project till his tragic death in 1926.  Different architects have worked on it since then.  The admission charge paid by two & a half million visitors each year is what pays for the building construction.  It is thought that it will be completed in the 1st third of this century.

     The church consists of 4,500 sq metres where 8,000 people can worship.  The construction is well past the half way stage & is ready to raise the 4 towers dedicated to the evangelists, the tower dedicated to the Virgin Mary & the highest, erected at the centre of the crossing, which will recall the figure of Jesus, and the 4 bell towers on the Glory facade.
    Today the construction of the church of La Sagrada Familia - a Barcelona landmark & an artistic & spiritual symbol of Catalonia - is going on thanks to the support of the faithful, friends & visitors from every corner of the globe....
     Left - Sangria (a refreshing drink made from a sweet soda, red wine, sugar, cinnamon, lemon &/orother liquors or fruits.....Right - Rose wine

    Set Tapas - Princesa Leia, Parma Ham with Cantaloupe Melon, Right - Fried Diced Potatoes with Spicy sour cream
    Bon Appetit .......The Bakerwoman & Shermaine....
    Smoked Salmon Salad (left) & crusty Bruschetta (with fresh garlic, tomatoes, herbs)

     Left - Mixed Chargrill Salad, Right - Wasabi Prawns 
    Hmmm, I love Parma Ham.... It was melt-in-the-mouth heaven.

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