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    Sunday, May 01, 2011

    Ibiza - Madagascar Cafe, 4 Plaza del Parque

    From Barcelona, we headed to the beautiful island of Ibiza....it is also nicknamed as the capital of electronic music!

    Ibiza has one of the best nightlife and have gained international reputation of the numerous intense dance parties held during the summer months.  The most famous bar on the island is Cafe del Mar. Noted clubes include Space, Amnesia, Privilege etc.....

    It is now known as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

     The shopping never ends in Ibiza either.....more MNG factory outlets!!! 
     The colourful Mediterranean landscape of Ibiza....

    Dining alfresco in Madagascar Cafe

    Left - Ensalada de Rucula Queso (Goat's Cheese & Wild Rocket Salad) and right - Cheesecake

    Cute lil ChiHuaHua decked in jumper ;)

    I love Ibiza for the beautiful beaches, wild nightlife and the beautiful people........

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