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    Monday, May 02, 2011

    Restaurant Hopping in Madrid.....

    Botin in Madrid is listed in the Guiness Book of Records as the oldest working restaurant in the world!  It was founded by a Frenchman, Jean Botin in 1725.  This restaurant has been visited by famous people in all over the world.....House speciality - Roast young suckling pig.....YUMS!

     Mercado de San Miguel - is one of the oldest covered markets in Madrid...You can buy fruits, cheese, fish etc...or you can have oysters with a glass of wine while reading a book.
    Its 33 shops offer a great variety of the best delicatessen products in a magnificient setting.  This market is almost a centurian old and was built in 1916!

     On the streets of Madrid.....I love the beautiful music created by wine glasses!!!
     This cafe serves the best freshly brewed coffee @ only 1 Euro....

     This cafe also serve Bocadillo (roll sliced in 2 lengthways served with a variety of fillings)

     Lunch is Steak with Fries, Euro 9
     Left - The popular Italian restaurant, Ginos & The Bakerwoman in Plaza Mayor

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