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    Monday, May 16, 2011

    Segovia->The Cathedral, The Alcazar & The Segovia Aqueduct

    From Madrid we headed for a day trip to Segovia......on the left is the city's medieval wall.  Right, we stopped by a cafe for coffee before our 3 hours sightseeing tour of Segovia

    On the left is San Andres Gate & on your right, Cathedral of Segovia (was completed in 1577)

    For Starters...we had Judiones San Ildefonso (Spanish stew with butter beans & pork sausages), served with crusty baguettes

    Stewed Veal & mixed vegetables were the main course for lunch
    Dessert - home made Vanilla ice cream
    Left, main entrance of the restaurant & right, The Segovia Aqueduct

    Left, beautiful Romanewque church and right, The Alcazar (an inspiration to Walt Disney's Snow White's Castle)

    Segovia is a wonderful mix of Roman Spain, Medieval & Renaissance Spain & Modern Spain all rolled up into one!  Segovia is also famous for the roast suckling pig, Judiones and roast lamb.

    The city is a UNESCO world Heritage site......

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