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    Sunday, May 08, 2011

    Tapas Hopping in Madrid!

     Another of the specialties in Madrid is the tapas that comprises a bite-size portion, hot or cold, that is served with wine, vermouth, beer or a refreshment.  Although tapas can be enjoyed anywhere in the city, there are particular areas of the city which have their own particular type of tapas....

    The centre of Madrid is considered to be the best area for having tapas simply for being in the very heart of the city....The area in and around Puerta del Sol & Plaza Mayor, is an area where you can enjoy having tapas in a great cozy ambience.

    Other busy areas for tapas are the Latina & the so-called Writers' Quarter where you can find traditional taverns where tapas form the cornerstone of an excellent dining experience.

     My favourites?  the black olives & onion cakes

     The best coffee oxtail stew....

     Tapas hopping with the international gang! Our British guide, Jake on the left...

    Bottoms Up!!!

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