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    Saturday, June 04, 2011

    Adios Madrid! Prado & Reina Sofia/Art Gallery Museums

    If you are in Madrid, do not miss out these famous museums & art galleries...........from Goya, Picasso, Velazquez, Murillo to El Greco......
     Considered by many to be "the best art gallery in the world", the Prado Museum is, if not the best, then one of the most respected art centres and is a must-see on any visit to Madrid!  Its walls are decked with the best collections of works of art of the Spanish School from the 16th through the 18th century.  It also houses large collections from both the Flemish & Venetian schools, as well as smaller collections by German, French & English artists.

     Tortilla Espanola or Spanish Omelet is the most commonly served dish in Spain - Lunch in Cafe Prado 

     Left - Shermaine & me @ a sidewalk cafe before heading to the Reina Sofia Museum & Art Gallery
    This renowned museum, as well as housing Guernica (1937) by Picasso, is home to works of art by some of the most important artists of the latter part of the 19th century to the present day...The museum is located at the site of the former General de San Charles Hospital.....

    Our breakfast of Parma Ham pizza before heading back to Singapore!  Adios Spain!

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