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    Saturday, July 02, 2011

    The House of Robert Timms

     We welcome another new coffee joint to Singapore.....Robert Timms!

     Left - Pavlova & Right - 4 High Carrot Cake

     Left - Sinfully Sugar Free Cheesecake & Right - Triple Choc Cheesecake

     Last but not least, my favourite - Choc Marshmallow Bar!

    After dinner @PS Cafe, we chanced upon this new outlet in Orchard Shopping Centre......dessert in The House of Robert Timms.....

    Great menu selections ranging from All Day Breakfast, great hearty Australian fare cooked with premium ingredients range from popular signature dishes to the more exotic Australian meats such as Braised Crocodile Casserole ($23.80) & Stout Braised Kangaroo Loin ($26.90)!!!

    To sum it all....the freshness of Robert Timms lives on!

    Oh Yes, and not forgetting a glass of Victoria Bitter beer! G'day!

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