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    Sunday, November 20, 2011

    Do you know that Thailand is known as the Land of Smiles?


    Sawadee to all - before I blog more on Thai cuisines, I would like to share some fascinating facts on Thailand..........

    The portrait on Elephant - is actually a mirror cabinet.  Middle - The Bakerwoman relaxing by the balcony & the friendly faces of Thailand....

    In Thailand, Elephants are good luck regardless of trunks being up or down. Its the Elephant itself that is lucky... Famous as the strongest beasts of burden, in Thailand they were important in battle, with kings mounted on Elephants fighting the Burmese to defend Thailand on many occasions. They have also been noted for their intelligence, memory and pleasant nature. A Thai legend has it that a marriage is like an elephant-- the husband is the front legs, that choose the direction, the wife the back legs, providing the power !

    Thailand is often called the "land of smiles," not only because visitors love its natural beauty and historical riches, but also because of the country's friendly people and fascinating culture.  As stated in The Conde Nast Top 100, Thailand has been ranked as one of the best destinations in the world.  In the islands category, Koh Samui ranks 5th, while Phuket ranks 13th place.  Thailand maintains a strong charm as a truly unique destination with genuinely friendly people.  The country scored 97.68 for people/hospitality category!
    Left - the famous Chang & Singha beers of Thailand.....right, a cute star-shaped sunny side up for breakfast

    Joshua & Elisha - having a great time with the tiger cub ;)
    The resort's Lobby's Lounge Bar providing patrons with fresh coffee, chilled cocktails & beveages, as well as light fares....Right - overlooking the pool and an expansive view of the sea....
    We visited Wat Khunaram

    The Thai island of Koh Samui possesses several impressive spiritual and holy places. Wat Khunaram is one such astonishing site. However, this temple holds more than just a Buddhist temple.

    Visitors can see the mummified body of a Buddhist monk in one of the buildings of this temple. This is the only mummified body in the Buddhist culture. The body is well preserved by the trusts of the temple. The display of the Buddhist mummy is open to visitors all the time.

    The body is kept in a vertical glass casket. The monk died when he was meditating and so his body possesses a meditating posture as well. This was in the year 1973.

    According to the local people, the mummy is not preserved artificially; but the body itself remained un-decomposed even after the death of the monk. This remains a wonder for the rest of the world.

    After death his body remained undecomposed, so his relatives and disciples decided to place his body in an upright position within a glass casket as requested by the monk in his written instruction. This was done to preserve it as a symbol to aspire future generations to follow Buddhist teachings and be saved from suffering.

    Outside this room, devotees pick up flowers and scented sticks, which they offer to Lord Buddha, placed in other room as a sign of worship.

     Thailand is a Buddhist nation, and because Buddhist values are such a part of daily life here, temples, monasteries and Buddha images are seen everywhere.

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