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    Thursday, May 03, 2012

    Buongiorno Rome!

    Ciao everyone....The Bakerwoman heads to Rome!

     Colosseum - monument to the power and cruelty of ancient Rome.....well known not only as a battleground for gladiators & an icon to the magnificence, power & prestige of ancient Rome, but also for its cruelty, as here thousands of gladiators, criminals & Christians met their violent end.  The Colosseum is a structural & engineering marvel, one of the greatest works of Roman architecture.

     I chanced upon this cozy cafe within walking distance from my hotel in Rome, I Clementini......

     Right - my cappuccino :)

     Left - Agnolotti (Agnolotti pronounced anneeolottee) are Piemontese stuffed pasta, and come in a great many different varieties, some filled with cheese, others meat, and others still meatless), Centre - Mozzarella Bufala Guanciale (with fried bacon, mozzarella cheese, lettuce salad) & Right - Mezza Manica Carbo

    Also from I Clementini, we had salami sandwiches,  Bruschetta & Green Pea soup

     I Clementini Cafe & me enjoying my glass of  Prosecco (its the most famous of Italy's sparkling white wines)

     Here are some memorable glimses of Rome, market & Fountain di Trevi.

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