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    Wednesday, August 08, 2012

    Piazza della Signoria & Ponte Vecchio

    Piazza della Signoria - Florence's political hub since the 14th century......and one of Florence's must-see classics.  The square is also home to various other beautiful buildings - including the significant Tribunale della Mercanzia - as well as a number of stunning statues:  from Cellini's 'Perseus with the Head of Medusa'.


      Ponte Vecchio - Beautiful, bustling medieval bridge 
    Although originally home to butchers & fishmongers, the bridge's shops were occupied by goldsmiths in the late 16th century - and these remain to this day.  It is now one of the city's best places to find expensive jewelry, original artworks & tacky souvenirs.....

     Ponte Vecchio in the evening.......

     @Borgo San Lorenzo, we had Margherita Pizza,
     Left - Gnocchi Sorrenti, Middle - Pici Alla Fioren & Mochiatto

     Right - The Porcellino Fountain, a popular tradition has it that touching the snout of the boar will bring good fortune

     I love this cold Fusilli Pesto salad!


    Enjoying my Pilsner on my last evening in Florence.....

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